Mental and physical health is our passion and the reason for our existence. Here at ActUping.com, we are an information-driven site which strives to bring vital information to the public about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Street drugs can be extremely dangerous due to the unregulated compounds included in the substance, but even FDA approved and regulated drugs can cause severe damage to the mind and body. Alcohol is a major depressant, and more than 88,000 people die from alcohol abuse each year.

Aside from the dangers of using drugs and alcohol as an adult, adolescent use of these substances has skyrocketed in the last few years and has caused significant concern for the general public and in the healthcare industry. From opiate addiction to copious smoking amount of marijuana—we cover all newsworthy reports on the effects of drugs and alcohol. With new drugs continually being introduced to the public, we here at ActUping.com feel it is imperative to inform and advise caution for use—especially when the drugs are new to the market, and the ultimate effects are still, generally, unknown. Our ultimate goal is to share unbiased news information and to ensure our readers are aware of every risk that comes with using mind-altering substances.