With rates of alcohol abuse increasing, one might ask, which state and cities in the United States drink the most? The Center For Disease Controls reports that 18.0% of Americans adults consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. Some cities within America consume far more than the recommended amount, as compared to other cities. Other cities and states have relatively low rates for alcohol consumption.

Heavy drinking and binge drinking are considered excessive—these drinking styles include: (binge) more than 4 drinks in one sitting for women and more than five for men; (heavy) eight or more drinks for women in a week and fifteen or more for men. The drinking styles, in short term, can cause: hostility and irritability; risky sexual behavior; and, in excess amounts, can lead to alcohol poisoning—which in some cases, is fatal.

Cited repeatedly as a major concern for the CDC, regular and excessive alcohol abuse over the course of time can result in: depression; liver disease; major heart issues; and, very often, lead to dependence and will result in withdrawal if cut-off from alcohol. Alcohol does not just affect those who consume the substance; families, friends and loved ones all-too-often must bare the adverse effects and repercussions of alcohol abuse.

So which cities in the United States are reported to have the lowest rates of alcohol use? Dothan, Alabama makes the cut as the 20th driest city in the United States. College students are reported to binge drink more as a whole, than the adult population. With one of the lowest rates of enrolled college students, Dothan, Alabama is said to hold the spot due to the college-binge drinking factor making other cities land on the “drunkest cities”.

Provo-Orem, Utah is reported to be the driest city in the whole of the United States. Provo-Orem’s connection to the Mormon community is said to be the driving factor in the city’s extremely low excessive drinking rates. Brigham Young University is the college located in Provo-Orem, Utah and this university, in particular, has an honor code that prohibits college students from drinking alcohol.

The 20th “drunkest city” in the United States is reported to be, Milwaukee-Waukesha-West-Allis, Wis. 22.5% of adults drink to excess in this city, and alcohol-related driving deaths are at 36.4%.

The “drunkest city” in the United States is Green Bay, Wis. Ironically, being in the same state as the 20th “drunkest city.” Notably, Green Bay, Wis. is said to have incredible rates of alcohol consumption and driving related deaths as compared to any other city.