President of China, Xi Jinping had announced his promise to significantly reduce the income of Fentanyl into the United States, on December 1st, 2018. United States President Donald Trump stated, “if China cracks down on this ‘horror drug’ using the death penalty for distributors and pushers, the results will be incredible!” Much to the dismay of insiders and those keeping up with drug reports, the reduction in the flow of Fentanyl has been extremely underwhelming.

A senior administration official stated, “nothing has changed since December 1st, 2018.” This senior administration official spoke to the Washington Post on the request that his identity remains anonymous, as he is not permitted to discuss specific details on the matter. Why is it such a concern that China put the breaks on the illegal supply of Fentanyl to the United States? This is because, out of all countries, China just so happens to be the biggest supplier of Fentanyl to the United States.

One supply of illegal and unregulated shipment of Fentanyl—about 254 pounds—to the United States was reported to be able to administer lethal doses of the drug to 100 million Americans. This shipment, containing both powder and pill form of Fentanyl, came off a truck hauling cucumbers from Mexico—but was said to be linked back to China, originally. What some might not be aware of is Fentanyl (used before and after surgery,) is about 100 times stronger than that of the powerful drug, morphine.

So why is China not doing much to help reduce the manufacturing and pushing of Fentanyl? According to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, China’s pharmaceutical and chemical industry regulations are not up to par, by far. The Chinese officials turn the other cheek because of the economic profit in China and prefer to keep money churning, rather than worry about the health of Americans so far removed from their ‘worries’.

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