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Kyle Valdez was eighteen (18) years old when he was supplied with the party drug MDMA by Jacob Jasper, then seventeen (17). Kyle Valdez received a lethal dose of the drug and subsequently died as a result, last April. A Bucks County judge ordered Jacob Jasper to treatment in a juvenile placement facility on Tuesday. Mr. Jasper might have to stay in juvenile detention until he is twenty-one (21) years old for supplying this fatal dose of MDMA.

According to the Bucks County District Attorney’s office, Kyle Valdez was found, deceased from an overdose, in Jacob Jasper’s car on the 14th of April. The charges include delivery of a drug that resulted in death; involuntary manslaughter; and criminal use of a communication facility, plus drug offenses.

Jacob Jasper, then seventeen (17), purchased the drug MDMA online and then supplied it to his friend Kyle Valdez, states the Lower Makefield police department. Following Jasper’s charges, he is issued to pay restitution to the Valdez family, of $18, 708.06. The prosecutor for this case made a point to inform the residents that, despite the apparent dangers of drugs such as heroin and other opioids, other drugs can be just as deadly.

The most unfortunate aspect of this case was that prosecutors stated—citing witnesses—that when Kyle Valdez was found unresponsive in the car, Jacob Jasper seemed only to be concerned with hiding his backpack—which contained drugs inside of it. Instead of helping his friend, Kyle, Jacob chose to put all of his energy into hiding the drugs from the police.

The executive director of the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Diane Rosati, stated that they have not yet admitted anyone into treatment following an addiction to MDMA, but she notes that it does not mean that the drug is not being abused.